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The Vancouver Biennale is held in the cities of Richmond, Squamish, North Vancouver, New Westminster, and Vancouver. It is an open-air museum that showcases performance works, new media, sculptures, and other items, featuring international artists.

Different events have been held over the years, including artwork presentations, workshops, self-guided tours, student performances, community gatherings with artists, panel discussions, and many others. Visitors have the chance to see residency artist performances, film screenings, open air artist talks, documentary films, and artist installations. Collaborative projects are also presented by artists such as Hema Upadhya, Thukral & Tagra, Sudarshan, Shilpa Gupta, and others. Some works of art are on display for permanent viewing, including Magdalena Abakanowicz’s Walking Figures, Dennis Oppenheimer’s Engagement, Michel Goulet’s Echoes, John Clement’s Jasper, and others. The International Pavilion was showcased in 2014 to celebrate Brazilian contemporary art. A bike riding tour is also organized each year. The Biennale features several tours, including the North Vancouver Tour, the English Bay Tour, the Squamish Tour, and the Biennale Legacy Tour. The Biennale Legacy Tour features sculptures available thanks to permanent donation and works of art showcased on long-term display. Visitors who join the English Bay Tour will have the opportunity to see sculptures by artists from the United States, France, China, and Canada.

Various exhibitions have been held as part of the Vancouver Biennale, featuring artists such as Sophie Ryder, John Clement, Joe Sola, Fletcher Benton, and many others. The sculptures showcased are made of different materials, including painted stainless steel, steel, corten steel, aluminum, glass, and steel, and other materials and alloys.

The Vancouver Biennale helped many artists make a debut and become internationally recognized.